Cyber Soundscape

Cyber Soundscape

My homies and I were having fun about the current trend of music that so many struggling artists/musicians on youtube are making a killing producing Ambient Meditation Music. Listening to ambient music is a pleasing experience as long as they provide us with new sounds and not just recycle all that music that has been available for ages. I recently discovered a Channel for my taste.

Ambient music is a musical style that is generally identifiable as staying broadly atmospheric and environmental in mother nature. Ambient music advanced from early 20th century varieties of semi-audible music and deliberate sub-audible approach. Afterward, developments discovered the dreamy non-linear aspects of ambient music placed on some varieties of rhythmic music introduced in chill-out rooms or lounges together with some dance halls.

From the late 2000s and 2010s, ambient music also attained popular recognition on YouTube, commonly starting from one to eight hours finding millions of hits. These kinds of videos are frequently titled, or are normally called, “Ambient Music”, and could be motivated by other music genres, especially for meditation.

These last few days as I was tramping on youtube, I accidentally stumbled upon a rising new Youtube channel that features newly unlooped ambient meditation music that is quite refreshing. The Channel’s name is Cyber Soundspace. They have been featuring new stuff weekly so I guess I’ll be a regular then. Below are some samples of their newly released Ambient Meditation Music.

Tribal Drums Shamanic Ambient Meditation Music

Nature Sounds – Forest & Bird Songs Frequency 528 Hz Miracle Tone

Angelic Music Healing Meditation Frequency 777 Hz

Heart Chakra 594 Hz Music of Love & Healing Meditation HD